Medical Call Centers

In the fast paced Medical industry, being available 24 hours a day, even when you are out of the office, is extremely important. Our 40 years of experience as the leader in call center services has made us confident in our abilities to provide the best call answering services with a very clear understanding of what you, our clients, need. Our reliable 24/7/365 live operators are trained to efficiently operate all of our state of the art technology and have experience dealing with various professionals involved in a broad range of medical fields.

We guarantee that our goals and your goals are aligned to create the greatest amount of success for your practice, because your satisfied clients and patients mean that our clients, you, will be satisfied. Our success relies on your success and the satisfaction of your clients. We strive to better our services, by offering completely customizable account features, including; personalized scripting, customer call greeting, and call forwarding options, on-call priority listing, and message receiving preferences. If you are a small practice with, or a large medical facility, we will treat each of your callers kindly and with the same care as your in-house staff to make them feel like they are your priority.

Security and reliability are two of the most vital requirements in the medical industry, which is why all of our telecommunications technology, and software and hardware programs are 100% HIPAA compliant and operate on a secure data server with a redundancy backup power supply. These precautions, combined with our in-house IT specialists and technicians, guarantees that all information processed through our systems and secure; and that our 24 hour operations will never fail. You can rest assured that your patients will always be able to reach us, and you, so that no call or emergency is ever missed.

We employ bilingual operators to handle a broader range of patient calls, take messages, and eliminate the panic of emergency situations. The increased customer satisfaction levels and patient base, combined with decreased costs will greatly improve your practice.